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Delivering  packages all over the universe.

Have a brood of slimy alien gerbils to deliver? Are you a six-armed robot trying to get away from a crazy ex-wife? Need your package to get through an asteroid field in time for Christmas?  The Spaceship Delivery takes packages no one is willing to take, to places no one is willing to go.
The Spaceship Delivery Web Series tells the misadventures of the crew of the Spaceship Delivery as they deliver packages, and engage in odd jobs, all over the galaxy.

The Series

Episode 1: The Sacred Scrolls

The crew are tasked with taking the Sacred Scrolls to the 

planet Hope of St. Francis. But not all is as it seems..

Episode 2: National Galactic

The crew take a National Galactic cinematographer to

videotape a rare space creature when disaster strikes. 

Episode 3: The Serum

The season finale! The crew answer an SOS call when

they are given an unexpected new mission.

The Crew


The Captain

The Captain is the proud owner of the Spaceship Delivery and will do whatever it takes to get your package to wherever it needs to go. His motto is "we will cross any nebula, dodge any asteroid, fight any foe to deliver your package!"



Red is the intrepid pilot and navigator of the Spaceship Delivery and is completely unflappable. When asked why he joined the crew, his answer was "I get paid on time and have full health coverage." Well said Red! 


Mr. Bartholomew

Mr. B is  the newest member of the Spaceship Delivery crew and is their weapons and defense specialist. Though he cannot speak, he has a black belt in shotokan karate and with him on board the Spaceship Delivery can deal with any threat to the job.

We have an App!

Got an iPhone? IPad? Android Phone? Android Pad? Well we have something for you. We have our own game app! Just click here for iphone or here for android.

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